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What an incredible journey - 300 Publications in PubMed Thanks to all collaborators and families

Not in my wildest dreams, I would have imaged that I will get to 300 publications in PubMed when I first started my research career.

It was the year 1999, when I applied for a volunteer research position with the NICU while being in Med. School. I called and called the secretary at least 4 times and the answer was always the same, no we do not need anyone at this time.

When I tried again I was connected to Prof. Berndt Urlesberger and this was the start of my research career.

After working for a few years at the Medical University of Graz, Berndt and myself discussed to do a research visit overseas and he thought Melbourne, Australia with Prof. Colin Morley would be an great option.

After an interview with the whole group in Melbourne in 2006, including Colin Morley, Peter Davis, Lex Doyle, Omar Kamlin and may others, I started my PhD in 2007 along side Arjan te Pas, Louise Owen, Jennifer Dawson, and Kevin Wheeler. Others who followed after my start included Risha Bhatia and Brett Manley among others.

To work with such an amazing group of people, sparked so much research interest in me, which I still carry to this day.

Melbourne was wonderful, met a lot of great colleagues and most importantly my wife. She was the one who made me move to Canada in 2012, to continue her research interests.

Now we work together as a strong wife-husband team to improve outcomes of newborn infants.

Thank you to all I have met, chatted, or collaborated over the years,

Thank you to all newborns and parents who supported my research! I could have not done it with out you.


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