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Welcome Rachel Gibbs as Longitudinal Shadowing Clinician Scientists Mentee

Rachel Gibbs is a 1st year Medical Student and is participating in the new University of Alberta Longitudinal research shadow program.

The Longitudinal research shadow program is designed to allow medical students to connect with professionals to learn from their career stories.

The Longitudinal research shadow program matches medical students with a clinician scientist to learn about the day to day realities of that career, gain valuable advice, and explore career options.

Longitudinal research shadow program is an opportunity to:

  • Learn about potential career options and ways to apply education, training and/or experience;

  • Test a career option before making a commitment to pursue it;

  • Clarify work-related preferences and interests (e.g., work environment, sector, tasks);

  • Develop knowledge of the industry, occupation or field as well as the specific vocabulary within that field;

  • Make useful connections with professionals;

  • Increase confidence in the work search process.

  • Gain exposure to the Canadian workplace.

Job shadowing is voluntary, unpaid, and extracurricular.


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