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Another RETAIN Game shipped, this time to Pennsylvania, thank you

Simulation Based Training For Health Professionals

Neonatal resuscitation today is taught through a simulation based training program. Neonatal resuscitation today is cost & resource intensive, which reduced its availability to those that need it & adversely impacts skill acquisition and retention.

RETAIN - Resuscitation Training for Health professionals - is a digital and paper game to complement the existing neonatal training. The RETAIN games are easily accessed on demand, helping trainees develop their resuscitation skills and knowledge anytime, anywhere.

The Retain Game originated from a vision to provide a training environment with a focus on neonatal resuscitation.

Retain Labs is part of the Centre for Studies of Asphyxia and Resuscitation and was developed by a team of multidisciplinary healthcare professionals.

The RETAIN Table-top Simulator

Neonatal resuscitation is stressful and can result in:

i) Distraction, ii) Decision-making deficiencies, iii) Impaired working memory causing medical errors or deviations from the resuscitation algorithm.

Current simulation-based education requires specialized equipment, manikins, and instructors trained in simulation education. Consequently, this approach is time and cost-intensive, and not routinely offered in many healthcare facilities.

Therefore, alternative approaches are needed

The RETAIN table-top Simulator offers a low-cost alternative to improve skill retention and reduce deviations from the resuscitation algorithm

RETAIN Research showed:

33% increase in performing the correct resuscitation algorithm

12% increase in knowledge and skills retention

92% knowledge retention after 2 months

70% knowledge retention after 5 months

95% reported enjoyment using the games for practice


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