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An Encyclopedia of Respiratory Function in Newborn infants

We are proud to present the first Encyclopedia of Respiratory Function in Newborn infants. Together with leading experts in the field of neonatal resuscitation research we have just uploaded the first ebook on respiratory function during neonatal simulation and resuscitation.

However, inexperience and lack of knowledge about the displayed waveforms may lead to misinterpretation of the signals. Therefore anyone using this technology must be trained to interpret pressure, flow and VT signals. Furthermore, the monitor only displays waves and data to aid the resuscitator and does not provide interpretation of the signals or a diagnosis. There are an increasing number of monitoring devices introduced into the delivery room. However, it is important that human factors are considered when introducing new technologies, to avoid overwhelming the clinical team with the additional data. The attention of an inexperienced user may be diverted from the baby to the monitor screen. For people unfamiliar with the device they may find that placement of a flow sensor between the mask and resuscitation device makes holding the device a little awkward. In addition, these new technologies have to be validated before they can become standard of care.

Therefore, this book can help the reader to learn more about these waveforms.

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