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The 3rd Annecy Round Table on CPR

In April 2023, I had the privilege to be invited to The 3rd Annecy Round Table on CPR in Annoy, France.

This Rond table was held at the The Mérieux Foundation Les Pensières Center for Global Health. It is located on the shores of Lake Annecy, near the Swiss border, Les Pensières Center for Global Health is a four-hectare unspoiled haven of greenery between the lake and the mountains, where nature and construction are perfectly balanced.

The Round Table mainly focuses on adult and pediatric resuscitation, however,r at the 3rd round table, I was also invited to present on our CC+SI resuscitation technique. To be Abel to share our decade long journey with CC+SI and SURV1VE was a tremendous honour as this highlights all the work we have done to optimize neonatal CPR. And hopefully, pediatric and adult colleagues might think this approach is also something they could do.

Below is a video summary of the event


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