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Our Research

Bench-top Testing

CSAR has ample experience with testing prototypes using bench-top, simulation, or basic science techniques to test and improve new equipment. 

Serious Games

CSAR understand the importance of simulation and used simulation to train healthcare professionals but we also use them for research purposes 


CSAR understands the importance of a Meta-analysis to provide a more precise estimate of the effect size and increases the generalizability of the results of individual studies

Basic Science Studies

CSAR has a long history of translational research by translating basic science results into clinical trials

Large Trials

 Randomized controlled trials are the  pinnacle of  Evidence-Based Medicine.

CSAR is a leading neonatal Trial-Centre in Canada

Delivery Room Studies

One of CSAR's research focus is the improvement of care in the Delivery Room.

CSAR aims to improve Delivery Room care, which will have a lasting effect on short- and long-term outcomes of newborn infants. 

Drug Studies

CSAR recognizes the importance of testing medications to identify the safest and most efficient treatment for preterm and term infants.

CSAR has ample experience with drug trials and all the necessary regulatory requirements. ​


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