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Safe the date, 7th annual Neonatal Resuscitation Symposium, Indianapolis in September 12-13, 2024

Honoured to be part of the organization committee of the annual Neonatal Resuscitation Symposium.

This annual Neonatal Resuscitation Symposium is spearheaded by two amazing colleagues: Marilyn Escobedo and Edgardo Szyld. They both started the Symposium back in Oklahoma and after Edgardo Szyld moved to Indianapolis, both co-chairs with the support of the NICU Division in Indianapolis, have continued to organize it.

It is an amazing day and a half with a workshop, dinner to mingle with everyone, and a full day of lectures and in-depth discussions.

The organization committee included a wide range of individuals (Bobbi Byrne, Birju Shah, Emily Gunselman, Clara Song,

Vishal Kapadia, Liz Wetzel, Anup Katheria, Myra Wyckoff, Deepika Sankaran, Nicole Yamada, Georg Schmölzer) who have dedicated their life to improve outcomes for preterm and term infants.

Safe the Date and join us in Indianapolis in September 12-13, 2024.


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