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Parental perspectives on a trial using waived informed consent at birth

Survey about the Parental Perspectives on a Trial Using Waived Informed Consent at Birth


To determine parental perspectives in a trial with waived consent.

Study design

Anonymous survey of birth parents with term infants who were randomized using a waiver of consent, administered after infant discharge.


121 (11%) survey responses were collected. Of the 121 responding parents 111 (92%) reported that this form of consent was acceptable and 116 (96%) reported feeling comfortable having another child participate in a similar study. 110 (91%) respondents reported that they both understood the information provided in the consent process and had enough time to consider participation. Four percent had a negative opinion on the study’s effect on their child’s health.


Most responding parents reported both acceptability of this study design in the neonatal period and that the study had a positive effect on their child’s health. Future work should investigate additional ways to involve parents and elicit feedback on varied methods of pediatric consent.

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