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CSAR on the path to become a leading Neonatal Research Centre in Canada

Over the last two weeks CSAR once again has demonstrated that we are on the path to become a leading neonatal research centre in Canada.

We have successfully randomized the first patient into the AEROSURF study, a study which examines the efficacy of aerosolized surfactant in comparison to the routine approach. If this approach is successful, we potentially enter a new area on Neonatology, were intubation will become part of storytelling form the distant past. However, there is still a lot of work to do, before this will be acutely happen.

We also randomized the first Canadian HIP patient, the HIP-study (Hypotension in prematurity) examines if the use of Dopamine improves outcomes.

Here at CSAR patients get the best possible clinical care and all parents and infants have the opportunity to be part of studies, which drives Neonatology forward and improves the care of newborn Infants.

CSRA is proud to helping making babies better.

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