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Welcome to CSAR, the Centre for the Studies of Asphyxia and Resuscitation, a neonatal research program that is unique in Canada. 

CSAR's research focuses are to 1) understand basic respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological and metabolic changes during fetal to neonatal transition and 2) improve diagnoses, mitigate risk and improve survival and quality of life for newborns.

CSAR's research effort includes basic, simulation, translational, and clinical research to improve short- and long-term outcomes of newborn infants. 

CSAR is a leading training and innovation centre in neonatal research and a leader in research translation. CSAR is developing new research directions, influences guideline development and policy statements for national and international health communities. 

CSAR has an amazing research team with a focus on asphyxia and resuscitation, and on follow-up for outcomes (e.g. chronic lung disease and neurodevelopmental outcomes).

CSAR is participating and organizing a large number of randomized controlled trials, which makes CSAR a leading clinical trial centers in Neonatal Medicine in Canada.


CSAR is supported by:

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